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40-cell affordable Refreshable Braille display that has high end note taking capabilities and comes with a QWERTY keyboard
DotBook is an affordable Refreshable Braille Display with high-end note taking capabilities. It is developed using an indigenous patented Braille cell technology based on Shape Memory Alloy wires, which brings down its cost to 20 % compared to similar commertially available devices.
DotBook enables users to read books, create and edit word documents, browse Internet, manage emails, connect directly to online libraries through its built-in applications, in addition to the provision of connecting with PC and phone through NVDA and talkback screen readers through USB and bluetooth. It has 40 8-dot refreshable Braille cells with cursor routing buttons and QWERTY keyboard. some of its other features include connectivity with wi-fi, internal storage of 4GB (expandable through USB and SD card), Stereo Audio Output and Vibrator for Notifications
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