Sodoku Puzzle Game

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a highly stimulating numeric tactile puzzle game
Sudoku is a game of numerical strategy, consisting of a 9X9 grid, divided up into nine individual squares measuring 3X3. in a printed Sudoku puzzle, some numbers are filled in and other squares are left blank, which has to be  solved in such a way that each column and each row contains the digits 1 through 9 only once.
Braille sudocu set consists of a Braille book of sudocu puzzles and a 10 inches square tactile wooden board having holes for all eighty-one numbers, divided up into the required nine 3X3 separate squares with indented dividers. It comes with pegs with embossed Braille numbers which can be inserted into the desired holes while forming the grids. Each braille number peg is marked with a raised line at the top and an indent at the bottom to help you quickly orient it and insert it into the board so all the braille numbers can be read straight up-and-down. another unique feature of this game is that each number peg is designed to hold 2 distinct position to help you differentiate between a number that was presented in the original puzzle you've copied onto the board, and a number you've filled in yourself.
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Manfac Saksham
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