Tactile Guitar Chord Book

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You can learn to play guitar using this book on your own.

Using The Tactile Guitar Chord Book, a person with visual impairment can learn guitar sitting at home without the help of a teacher. The book is one of its kind, developed with the purpose of providing a self learning solution to visually impaired persons wanting to learn guitar. In the initial section of this book, the entire guitar structure is explained with the help of tactile orientation and braille discription. The book has all the commonly used guitar chords covered, which are a part of the basic curriculum. Each chord has been explained in tactile diagram and the discription of the chord and finger positions has been mentioned in braille. The other significant thing about this book is that all the contents are provided in print as well so that the same can be used in a regular classroom setup. And this makes it unique in the sense that it can be used by both sighted and visually impaired individuals. One of the other aims of this innovation is to reduce dependency and thereby enabling the persons with blindness to learn the instrument without being dependent on a teacher or another sighted individual. Another very significant vision behind this innovation is to prevent the passion of many to go in vain and making sure that these learners make the full use of their passion and are able to transform their passion into profession. Our product will be useful to visually impaired students in the following ways -

1. Independence- They would not have to rely on anybody to teach them how to play guitar or help them with visuals from YouTube tutorials. They would be liberated from any such bandage of technology and infrastructure. They will feel independent in being able to learn to play guitar at their own leisure and pace, whenever and wherever they like. This would also add to their self- confidence.

2. Skill building - It'll help the ones who are beginners to learn to play guitar from the basic levels, and those who are already playing guitar, an opportunity to hone their skills through an accessible tool that'll enhance the quality of their learning experience. 3. Career- It will help those music enthusiasts who seek a professional career in the field of music build a niche for themselves and give wings to their dreams.

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