Customer Reviews about Saktek Foundation


As a beneficiary, I have remained connected with Saksham and Saktek over a decade. It made available to us software and hardware towards the end of the last century, that enabled and empowered the vision disabled person like me in a very significant way.

Mr. Deena Nath

I bought a talking weighing scale, a talking alarm clock, and a talking thermometer through Saksham and Saktek. All the devices were very useful as they made me independent with their speech output. My sincere thanks to Saksham and Saktek for providing us accessible devices which are not only reliable but also easy to use.

Mr. Amardeep Bhatia

I am a visually impaired person from Goa. I recently purchased one Narenderpur stick and one Smart Cane through Saktek. The Narenderpur stick is quite sturdy and has a good grip. The Smart Cane vibrates upon encountering obstacles which help greatly in detecting obstacles which a normal cane would not be able to detect. I am happy with both the products as well as Saktek's services.

Mr. Ankur Kankonkar

Saksham and Saktek have been very helpful for us as the organizations have become a one-stop solution for any kind of technology that helps a visually impaired to lead an independent life.

Mr. BP Adhikari