About Us

SAKTEK Foundation a section 8 Non-for-profit company and a technology providing arm of SAKSHAM Trust believes that technology defines what persons with disabilities can or cannot do. For example, a talking thermometer, talking blood pressure monitor and talking weighing scale and several other solutions can enable persons to check body temperature, weight, and blood pressure, identify colours, read labels of products, read books, write assignments and documents, etc.

These solutions are enabler for persons with sight loss and convenience for all. For example, it is easier to know the body temperature when the thermometer announces it in addition to just displaying the same on the screen.

The Foundation works towards ensuring that all, irrespective of their social background, are provided affordable solutions and thereby strengthens their education and empowerment. It aims at building partnerships that bring together resources, expertise and vision and works with organizations across India to identify issues, find answers, and drive change. We also provide capacity building and training for users to effectively use assistive technology.



Empowering persons with special needs through technology solutions, education, skill development and removing environmental and attitudinal barriers through from physical and ICT infrastructure and services.


Persons with special needs due to physical, sensory or intellectual impairments are included in society as contributors and active citizens and live a life with dignity.