1. Super Vision:
  2. Visor:
  3. Here to Read:
  4. Simply Reading:
  5. Whatsapp Messenger:
  6. Eye-D:
  7. Google Brailleback:
  8. Skype:
  9. @voice aloud reader:
  10. Dolphin Easy Reader:
  11. Microsoft One note:
  12. Microsoft Office Lense:
  13. Text Fairy:
  14. Place Saver:
  15. Amazing MP3 recorder:
  16. Music Folder Player:
  18. Hindkhoj:
  19. TOI:
  20. Dainik Bhaskar:
  21. TuneInRadio:
  22. 6By6:
  23. Dropbox:
  24. Total Commander:
  25. Daily GK:
  26. Nuance Talks And Zoom Software For Second Generation Phones(Nuance TALKS app for mobile handsets converts text on the screen to highly intelligible speech. Nuance ZOOMS is a sophisticated screen magnifier app. Together they provide blind and low-vision impaired individuals access to the digital world.) click here download.
  27. Vital Source Bookshelf (Access your course materials on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone device with VitalSource Bookshelf, the textbook app for smarter reading, studying, and learning.) Click here to Download.
  28. Dolphin Easy Reader (Dolphin Easy reader (Accessible reading app for Windows designed for students with dyslexia, low vision or blindness) click here download and more details.
  29. Simply Reading App (Simply Reading: A simple to use app for reading EPUB books compatible with screen reading software. This app is usable by all including persons with disabilities. The app aims at providing an example of simple to use interface accessible to all for reading books on a touch screen device.) you can download it from google play store.
  30. Tobi(Tobi is an authoring tool geared towards re-purposing published material. It allows users to add audio narration to a text-only document, to synchronize a podcast with a structured script, or to review and improve an existing Digital Talking Book. To create text from scratch, we recommend popular editors such as Microsoft Word or Open Office, which can both produce DTBook markup thanks to their respective Save as DAISY add-ins. Support for EPUB 3 has been added.) click here to download and please visit the official website of DAISY for more details.
  31. Obi(Obi is a free software application - audio production tool. Obi brings the benefits of DAISY technology to a broader range of consumers. In situations where time and cost constraints limit the use of sophisticated synchronized multimedia production tools (e.g. classroom environment, people and organizations in developing countries), Obi can unlock the potential of producers and consumers (e.g. teachers and students).) click here to download and read more about it.
  32. Save As DAISY (The "Save as DAISY" add-in for Microsoft Office Word incorporates a "Lite" version of the DAISY Pipeline. Users can select to generate the DAISY XML for further processing, or generate a fully conforming DAISY file set with full navigation and full text synchronized with audio. The audio is generated by the default text-to-speech (TTS) engine on your Windows computer. Click here download and for more details.
  33. Zoom App - for conference call and meeting
  34. Talking wristwatch :
  35. Talking Calculator :
  36. Tactile Calliper :
  37. Saksham EVO- E5 :
  38. Orbit Reader 20 :
  39. Liquid Level Indicator :
  40. EVO- E10 :
  41. Braille me :
  42. Braille and Talking wrist watch :
  43. Talking Bathroom scale :
  44. Talking Blood pressure :